ZEHREN♦FRIEDMAN  Proudly Introduces a new course!

Announcing Our Advanced Influence Class

We’re proud to announce Influence Without Authority—Advanced a course for those who have learned the basic principles of influence and are ready to take those skills to the next level.

We designed our Influence Without Authority class in 2003 at the request of a client. We piloted it in early 2004 and as of 12/31/15, we will have delivered it 402 times! Our objective for that class: Improve your skills and understanding so more of your recommendations are accepted and successfully implemented. It revolves around the skills needed to generate more influence, and the need to create a plan.

For years, many clients kept asking “What’s next?” In 2014, we designed Influence Without Authority—Advanced, and piloted it several times in 2015. At the heart of this program is another planning tool. The differences in the two are highlighted in the video.

Our Advanced Influence course focuses on the process you use to navigate your ideas through the minefield defined by your own organizational dynamics. The course starts by getting you to identify the biggest barriers you put in your own way when attempting to get your ideas accepted and successfully implemented. Too many times we undermine our chances of success before we even get started. Sometimes, we don’t even start!

  • Comments from recent participant evaluations…
    • I never recognized the amount of tension needed to maximize outcomes—thought a good plan would take care of all of that.


    • I intend to utilize this approach on all of my projects in the future.

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A Course with a Powerful (and Popular!) Pedigree

Thirteen years ago, ZEHREN♦FRIEDMAN introduced Influence Without Authority—to help people with no direct authority build their influence with others. The course quickly became one of our most popular and successful offerings. Course participants frequently asked us for an influence course to take their skills to the next level.

We’ve taught Influence Without Authority over 400 times to people and organizations all over the world. Participants consistently give powerfully positive feedback about the impact the tools and techniques of influence we’ve taught them have on their professional and personal lives.

Learn How to Build Influence and Improve Your Impact

Our original Influence Without Authority course and new Influence Without Authority—Advanced course share a common objective: help you improve your skills and understanding so that more of your ideas get accepted and successfully implemented.

Influence Without Authority focuses on skills, Advanced Influence focuses on process—how do you navigate your ideas through or around the organizational dynamics or office politics of your company?

Advanced Influence is especially well-suited to individual contributors and managers who must effect change when there isn’t a clear or direct path from “idea inception” to “implementation.”

We can help you or the people in your organization learn the tools and techniques of influence and build the influence skills necessary to get more cooperation from people especially where there is no direct authority.

  • Comments from recent participant evaluations…
    • Too many of our projects run longer than needed because of a lack of accountability. People are pretty committed, but their own “but box” issues get in the way. I now have a process for fixing that. Thanks!


    • The Organizational Dynamics Strategy Plan flowchart will be very useful. I wish I had this class and information years ago!

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