Bill Moller Brings Deep Media, Communication and Presentation Talents — Joins Team ZEHREN-FRIEDMAN

Bill Moller, award-winning Chicago TV and radio personality, joins ZEHREN-FRIEDMAN as Managing Director. Corporate, government, and nonprofit clients worldwide will tap Bill’s communication talents, his deep experience in presentation training and media training for corporate executives, and his “Win the Deal“ coaching of senior sales teams.


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Bill Moller knows what it takes to communicate effectively. His experience and success—both in front of the camera and behind the microphone plus writing and editing most of the content he presents—brings powerful insights into how to connect and captivate an audience and convey a well-formed message.

Bill’s talents are a terrific fit with ZEHREN-FRIEDMAN’s skills training. Excellent communication is key to successful selling, presenting, negotiating and influence. Both he and ZEHREN-FRIEDMAN also share a deep understanding and respect for the importance and power of developing a clear story and using the full range of verbal and non-verbal delivery skills to present that story. Bill’s own clear, vibrant, well-honed presentation style also makes him an engaging trainer and coach.

After experiencing Bill Moller in the classroom, Andy Crestodina (Principal, Orbit Media) said,

”Bill has the ability to double the amount of energy in any room. But better than that, he can show a team how to do the same thing. We learned a lot, starting with the most fundamental aspects of communication. He shared his natural abilities and showed us how to use our own. It's great to work with someone who leads by example. If you haven't met Bill Moller, you're missing out!"


Before joining ZEHREN-FRIEDMAN, Bill hosted Your Money with Bill Moller at WGN-AM; he was also a radio host at WLS-AM. He worked at CLTV—Chicagoland's cable news station—from its launch in 1993 until February 2006. He’s taught at Columbia College and in 2008 was appointed the first Annenberg Scholar at Principia College where he taught Broadcasting and Speech Communications.

During his career, Bill:

  • Created and hosted nightly current events talk show and award-winning business programs
  • Consistently earned highest performance reviews at Chicagoland Television - Conducted seminars for TV reporters and producers on outstanding writing and reporting techniques
  • Coached Chicago Tribune and Christian Science Monitor journalists in improving communication skills

We're thrilled to welcome Bill Moller to ZEHREN-FRIEDMAN. Our newest consultant, trainer and coach is ready now to help you sell, present, negotiate and influence—better.

Connect with Bill directly via or on LinkedIn about the communications challenges you and your people face. We can help!

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