What do you do when you’re handling resistance and they will not budge? Try one of Joe’s three last gasps…

12. Three Last Gasps for When All Else Fails


What do you do when you’re prospecting or cold calling, you’ve gotten to that point where you’re handling resistance and they will not budge?

Here are three last gasps that you can use:

Last Gasp #3: “Might you need a backup at some point in the future?” Whether it’s because their current provider can’t do it or their needs change in some way, position yourself as a backup.

Last Gasp #2: This is particularly effective when there’s no need, satisfied with current provider, just switched, or anything of that nature: “That’s why this is a perfect time to meet. You’re under no pressure to buy anything. I’m under no pressure to sell anything. And that allows us to at least know more about each other.”

Last Gasp #1: Here is last gasp #1, when all else has failed: “What is the worst that could happen by us spending 30 minutes together?” The worst for me is that you realize that every decision you’ve made up to this point has been a good decision and it validates every move you’ve made. Isn’t that validation worth something to you? At the other end of the spectrum, it is possible you’ll find out that you have some needs that are not being served. If that’s the case, then there’s value to both of us because we might be able to come up with solutions to that need. In either case, you win by us spending the time together.

Those are my three last gasps.