2. Why Make Cold Calls?

The purpose of cold calling is simple and clear. But so often we become diverted from our objective.


One of the first questions that we ask people when we’re talking about prospecting, cold calling, or introductory calls: What’s the objective? And I can tell you we normally fill a flip-chart full of people’s ideas: gain information, find out if we’re talking to the right people, maybe do some need discovery, get a meeting, have a discussion, present product ideas. It’s actually a trick question.

There’s only one objective when you’re cold calling and that objective is to get a meeting.

The real power in selling happens when you’re face-to-face. As a result of that, our objective when we’re cold calling is to do nothing more than that. And yet, frequently we get diverted: “Tell me a little bit more about your company.” By the way, if somebody says that to you, your response should be: “It will be better off if I show you.”

The real power in selling happens when you’re face-to-face.

Remember: your objective is to get face-to-face. And that’s what you need to come back to—regardless of what they ask, what they say, and what the other person does in an attempt to divert the conversation somewhere else. You want to keep coming back to the need to be face-to-face. That’s where relationships get created.