7. Handling Resistance to Meeting    

You will encounter resistance when you make cold calls. Best then to prepare for all the possible objections you’re likely to hear.


One of the things that happens whenever we’re cold calling is resistance. And that resistance comes in the form of every reason the person you’re trying to get the meeting with has either not to want to talk to you or not to want to meet:

“No need”

“No time”

“Product is viewed as a commodity”

“Bad experience with your company”

“Bad experience with you”

“We just signed a contract”

“Those decisions are made nationally and not locally”

“I’m not the right person”

So there’s all sorts of reasons. And one of the very first things you need to do, as it relates to your prospecting, is ask this question: What is every reason on the planet that they have to say “no” to talking or “no” to meeting. And then the next step is to come up with every imaginable answer you can come up with.

You are going to get resistance and you need to handle it—because many people on the receiving end of cold calls look at this as a game or as a test. “Can you earn the right to get some of my time?“ The way they’re going to do that is to torture you with every imaginable push back and resistance that they can think of. You need to be prepared to handle it.