8. Make Them an Offer They Can’t Refuse

Here’s a quick cold calling tip to help overcome resistance: come up with a unique offer they can’t reasonably refuse.


So, some people in our classes have come up with the idea: “Make them an offer they can’t refuse.” Well, what does that look like? 10 minutes of time. 15 minutes of time.

And of course when you’re in sales the expectation is that they will always blow the back end off of that time frame and allow us to have a longer sit down.

Someone came up with this one: “Give me 15 minutes of your time and if I can’t find some way to offer value to you, I will go away and never bug you again.“ That would be an offer they can’t refuse.

Some other people have come up with the idea of giving them an odd amount of time. “Give me 14 minutes of your time.” "Give me 28 minutes of your time.”

You have to decide how unique that pitch might be in order to get face-to-face.