ZEHREN♦FRIEDMAN has been helping clients sell, present, negotiate, and influence better for over 20 years.

We understand that every company we serve has different needs when it comes to training. As experienced consultants and trainers in the persuasive arts of sales, presentations, negotiations and influence, we practice what we preach: first understand the needs and objectives of your clients, then tailor your product or service to address those unique needs.

Since our first client engagement in 1989, ZEHREN♦FRIEDMAN has avoided a simple reliance on off-the-shelf training solutions. Rather, we tailor or custom design as the client’s needs dictate, and then deliver seminars that focus on skill development and behavior change.

Small by design and non-bureaucratic in approach, ZEHREN♦FRIEDMAN is a select team of skilled professionals who draw on a broad range of experience in sales, sales management, training and education. We are agile and flexile in managing our client relationships and responding to client needs. In the classroom, we are supportive and tough in helping our seminar participants move to higher levels of skill and performance.

Four attributes have distinguished us and helped us prosper as we serve some of the finest (and most demanding) companies in America and overseas:

  • We are expert at understanding our clients needs and tailoring courses to meet them

  • We use a highly interactive skill building approach in the classroom

  • We teach concepts and models that transfer easily to the workplace

  • We work with clients to follow-up, reinforce and coach skills to continue the learning process after the seminars have ended