Influence Is Everywhere: 6 Principles in a Week

We are surrounded by the six principles of influence in use every day. Just in the past week:

  1. NBA players are being signed by new teams at bargain rates (Contrast—between the past and current economic climates gives owners more leverage)

  2. The US and Russia commit to cut nuclear arms stockpiles by 2/3 (Reciprocity)

  3. GM exits bankruptcy; CEO vows better performance (Commitment & Consistency)

  4. Iranians continue to protest, weeks after a disputed election (Social Proof)

  5. Bernard Madoff gets 150 year prison sentence (Authority—by the judge!)

  6. Sales of Michael Jackson's albums doubled last week (the perception of Scarcity)

There are two lessons in this for all of us:

  • These things (for the most part) happen by plan

  • A conscious choice has been made to walk through the door, or to take advantage of the opportunity that has been presented to influence