Project Partner Profile

Joe Friedman


Joe has over 30 years of sales, sales management and training experience. After completing a BS (Marketing) and MBA (Finance) from The Ohio State University, Joe started teaching in the Business School at Northeastern Illinois University, and joined

The First National Bank of Chicago, in various capacities during a six-year banking career. While at First Chicago, Joe met David Zehren, who in 1989 started David Zehren and Associates, which became Zehren-Friedman Associates in 1993.


Services / Products Offerred

ZEHREN-FRIEDMAN offers training and consulting in the following areas:

  • Sales — from client acquisition / prospecting to need development, objection handling, closing and everything else in between. We believe you succeed in sales when you focus on them, not the amazing products you sell. Selling to Voicemail and Winning Competitive Sales are two other highly popular titles in this topic area.
  • Presentation Skills – whether standing or sitting, formal or informal, in-person or virtual, how you craft your message, support it visually and deliver it has an enormous impact on how you are perceived, and your ultimate success.
  • Negotiations Skills – any time two people look at a situation differently, negotiating is needed; half of the business we do in this area is for buyers and sellers; the other half is “managerial negotiating” or conflict resolution.
  • Influence – is actually a two-course series, Influence Without Authority gives participants the tools they need to get their ideas accepted and successfully implemented, particularly when there is no reporting relationship involved (and even if there is!). Advanced Influence helps participants to navigate their ideas through their corporate dynamics (or company bureaucracies).

Shameless Marketing (about you, your programs, your clients)

Our courses are highly interactive, and role play driven, where participants learn by doing, not listening! Zehren-Friedman has delivered training on six continents to hundreds of companies and tens of thousands of participants. Clients range from high tech to low, manufacturing to food, financial services to advertising. Many client relationships stretch 10+ years. We train, coach and work with people from the C-Suite down to entry level, in both in-person and virtual formats. We are experts in the areas that we do training, you are an expert in your business – that makes a combination that results in very powerful training interventions that are “tailored to your needs.”

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