Virtual Presentation Skills

Virtual presentations can be excellent and powerful.
So why are so many so…not good?

Many virtual presentations are awful for a simple reason: When presenter and audience are physically separated, the presenter’s job is much more challenging.

We’ve designed a course to help make sure that virtual presentations in your organization—whether delivered to internal or client audiences—do what they are supposed to do: inform and persuade with power, professionalism, clarity, and even a dose of personality.

This highly-interactive, Virtual Classroom workshop provides extensive practice and feedback to build the skills and insights needed to make great virtual presentations. It covers critical topics and challenges of virtual delivery for professionals who present to remote audiences, including:

  • Do’s, Don’ts, Techniques, and Best Practices to help virtual presenters gain and hold the attention of remote audiences

  • Tips & Techniques including how to interact with the audience plus planning and controlling the “virtual room”

  • Delivery Skills with added emphasis on using the voice for more effective virtual delivery

  • Delivery Skills with added emphasis on using the voice for more effective virtual delivery

  • Structuring Virtual Presentations for Maximum Impact

Benefits to workshop participants and their organizations include:

  • »   Highly relevant skill development using company-specific, real-world content

  • »   Instructor feedback and on-the-spot presentation improvement

  • »   Maximum personal interaction due to small group size

  • »   One-on-one PowerPoint coaching sessions

  • »   Minimal time off the job—two half days—log in from your own office!

  • »   No participant travel time and expense

Virtual Presentation Skills is a power-packed way to help your people and your organization overcome the special challenges of presenting in a virtual world while maximizing the tremendous benefits of this potent platform. 

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