Activate Your Influence Plan—Key Reminders from The Influencer

I recently saw an interview with the author of a book called The Influencer. I thought I’d pass along the key messages from that interview as a reminder to have you activate your plan to have more influence within your world at work:

  • The author’s point: “Tap into the values [of those you want to influence]…people are not connected to the human consequences [of not achieving goals and aspirations or not addressing problems].”

    • How it reinforces the class: understand other’s priorities and use the Persuasion Equation.

  • The author’s point: “Build skills”

    • How it reinforces the class: Influence doesn’t just happen by chance—create and activate a plan.

  • The author’s point: “Influence the influencers.”

    • How it reinforces the class: In order to influence opinion leaders or other influencers, use networking to be known, valued and trusted.

  • The author’s point: “Lower costs and add rewards.”

    • How it reinforces the class: Principles of influence can be used to this end, so use Contrast, Reciprocity, Social Proof, Scarcity, Authority and Commitment/Consistency to trigger other people’s behavior.