Influence Is Everywhere: Saturday’s Chicago Tribune

We are surrounded by the six principles of influence every day.  In this past Saturday’s Chicago Tribune:

  • Poll: Optimism on the economy edges up…index rises 6 points since November (Contrast)

  • In return for a warm reception at Walter Payton High School in Chicago, President Hu Jintao of China invited 20 faculty and students to visit China this summer (Reciprocity)

  • A 300-pound man explains that in 2004 he attended a Bears game, painted himself from head to waist in blue and orange, and went shirtless.  The Bears won that game, so he has continued to be painted and shirtless, regardless of the weather outside (Commitment & Consistency)

  • Obama taps GE chief (Jeff Immelt) to lead an initiative on jobs, has a two-fold aim: 1) the administration is not anti-business and 2) the economy is no longer on life support (Authority—although the President is trying to use JeffImmelt’s authority)

  • “Winner Golden Globe,” “The best movie of 2010,” “America’s top critics are raving,” “An amazing 3D experience.” Headlines off four movie ads (Social Proof—you'll love them too!)

  • At Muller Honda, there are only 15 Civics, 25 Accords, 25 Pilots, 45 Odysseys and 15 CR-Vs (Scarcity—get them while you can)

Two lessons come from all of these examples:

  1. Influence doesn't happen by chance, but by plan

  2. The vast majority of the time, we are so busy doing our work that we miss the doors that open, giving us an opportunity to influence others