Three Components to More Successful Negotiations

There are three main components to a negotiation:

  1. The negotiating process;
  2. Negotiating behaviors; and
  3. Playing the game. 

Recognizing and using these components will give you better outcomes.

In this video, Joe Friedman briefly summarizes these three components of negotiation and how they can help improve your negotiation skills.

Negotiation Is a Process

One big takeaway from ZEHREN♦FRIEDMAN Negotiaton Skills Training is that negotiating is a process. Even if you just recognize that fact and use that process in every negotiation you face, you will get better outcomes.

What changes from negotiation to negotiation is how much time you spend on any one part of the negotiation process.

One common mistake people make is to think a negotiation begins by putting something on the table and bargaining about it. But that's already halfway through the negotiation process.

The biggest stage in the negotiation process where mistakes are made is… planning.


Negotiating Behaviors

Some people don’t have any negotiating process that they use—They act a certain way and they expect you to react a certain way. And even within the process, negotiating behaviors add a layer of complexity to the negotiation. So, negotiating behaviors is the second major component of a negotiation.


Playing the Game

Sometimes it’s not possible to grow the pie any bigger, it’s not possible to serve both parties, nor maximize the outcome.  In those situations, you must know how to play the game.

It’s important to know how to play the game even within the context of the negotiating process. Playing the game includes tactical negotiation. Given that tactics exist to pry concessions away, it’s also important to know how to give things up.

Knowing how to play the game can be a useful part of the negotiation process and becomes even more essential where mutually ideal outcomes are not available.


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