Visual Delivery Skill #1:
The Two Rules of Movement

Do you move your audience with movement
when you deliver a presentation in person?

You might have it all if your content is good, but lose it all if your delivery skills don’t captivate those to whom you’re presenting. In my last post, I highlighted the importance of good content and good delivery skills and gave an overview of the four audible delivery skills and the five visual delivery skills. Now let’s look at the two rules of movement—the first of the five delivery skills.

“Should I move around or stand in one spot?”
The answer is… Yes!

Movement is the first of the five delivery skills. When you deliver a presentation in person, movement can help captivate your audience or it can just as easily undermine your entire presentation.

We have two rules when it comes to movement:

1. Don’t move unless you have a reason to move—keep your feet in one spot.

2. Find a reason to move. Go somewhere.

In other words, your movement ought to be purposeful. Move to talk to individuals in the audience. Move to your computer to advance the slide (rather than using a remote). Move to the screen to point things out. If you’ve got no reason to move, stay in one spot for awhile. If you pace back and forth, you’ll end up looking nervous.


Rule #1 encourages presenters not to move aimlessly. Rule #2 reminds presenters that movement is a useful tool and important physical delivery skill capable of adding impact and helping to keep audience attention—when you move for a reason.

In our presentation skills training seminars we do videotaped, critiqued practice sessions with real life material which really helps participants start building and refining skills right away. And it’s a great way to see how well you put the two rules of movement to work for you. You can learn more about our courses here:

Hopefully, I’ve convinced you not to move without a reason—and to find a reason to move. Next, I’ll highlight a few key points about what to do while you’re not moving—Stance. Stance is the second visual delivery skill—I’ll highlight stance next.

In the meantime, here’s a short video in which I briefly highlight each of the key Visual Delivery Skills:

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