Presenting with PowerPoint

Presenting with PowerPoint includes lectures and exercises focused on two aspects of PowerPoint presentations: how to create powerful visuals and how to use high-tech projection equipment.

The typical format is for two days and up to ten participants. Each participant makes a formal PowerPoint presentation, which is videotaped and critiqued for delivery skills, organization of content, design of visuals, and "working the screen" as you integrate projected images into your presentation.

Participants will learn to…

  • Analyze an audience in advance and adapt content and style to the needs and interests of the audience
  • Choose design and format elements to convey an "image" while the content of the visual conveys the information
  • Create visuals using pictures, graphs, and charts instead of words when appropriate
  • Add animation to a visual to increase impact
  • Use PowerPoint's amazing powers with restraint so the visuals don't distract or steal the show
  • Prepare for (and prevent) the various ways computers and high-tech projection equipment can fail (and learn to have a low-tech backup system)
  • Handle projection equipment gracefully during a presentation