The Quick Guide to Consultative Sales Calls

Whether we’re in the classroom conducting training sessions, at the office developing and improving our skills training programs, or just out in the world taking it all in, every day we see the power in the principals and best practices we teach and the pitfalls in failing to adhere to them. Not all of our observations and musings make it to the classroom, so we'll use this forum to share some of our ongoing observations. 

Sales calls tend to be both nuanced and varied. Even so, some perennial patterns and questions arise. We've gathered together some of those frequently asked questions along with our thoughts and tips on handling them. This Quick Guide to Consultative Sales Calls may help less seasoned Sellers get a good start and also serves as a good back-to-basics reminder of important fundamentals that help successful sellers sell better. 

The Quick Guide to Consultative Sales Calls was originally designed as a follow-up tool for participants to one of our sales classes. One of our large clients asked if the Guide could be tailored to their specific sales situation, which we did. It is available in its generic form to graduates from our Sophisticated Selling Skills classes, and easily tailored to client’s specific sales situations upon request.

Parts in this Quick Guide to Consultative Sales Calls Series: 

  • Notes on Persuasion
  • Questions Don’t Just Ask—They Can Also Tell!
  • Opening the Call Q & A
  • Probing for Needs Q & A
  • Sellers on Features and Benefits Q & A
  • How to Prevent Objections
  • Answering Different Types of Objections
  • How to Handle Objections
  • The Psychology of Closing Q & A